Amaju’s Unguarded Utterances, Arrogance, Ex-Internationals Must Head, Elected As Members into NFF.

By Daily Sports Nigeria on 11/04/2022

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Where are the ex-internationals to rescue our steady declining football at the Super Eagles level? The time is now for them (ex-internationals) to rally themselves together for the urgent and onward h thought must cross their minds.

The time is now for the rescue mission. Nigerian football is in total mess presently. In short,, it has come to a head when such thinking must ring bell in their minds to bring on people amongst them that would contest and take over leadership of the NFF as this inglorious regime led by Amaju Pinnick.

It is no hidden fact that the old brigade has failed Nigerian football. These men and women that are serving with Amaju and their likes have expired. They don’t have any fresh ideas to wheel our football to any level again.  The best option is to show all of them the exit door. They have failed woefully and only succeeded in messing up our football.

Therefore this clarion call is for the ex-internationals to brace up and come to the rescue our football in time like this. There is no moment for it than now. Samuel Eto Fills has set the tone in Cameroon and Nigerian ex-internationals must not continue to sit on the fence as sitting on the fence. We all are aware that sitting on the fence is no solution to the current and urgent problem of national interest.   

 Reality on ground is that Nigerian football is again at the cross road even before the Qatar 2022 World Cup play-off ouster by the Black Stars of Ghana inside the main bowl of MKO Abiola National Stadium, Abuja which just served as icing on the already spoilt cake.

Truth is that when this present executive committee of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) led by Amaju Pinnick arrogantly over ruled/ignored the decision of the then technical committee led by former member, Barrister Chris Green who recommended a quality and first rate technical adviser for the Eagles but was instantly / sadly rejected /blocked by Amaju Pinnick and gangster. It was the genesis why NFF resorted to the employment of that lesser coach, the immediate pasts Super Eagles handler, Gernot Rohr.

We have seen the dead end of that infamous decision taken by Amaju Pinnick and gang. This columnist believes that Chris Green who is overseeing the activities of Rivers United FC of Port Harcourt, a club side currently jolly riding high in the NPFL may be laughing his heart out on the present mess Amaju and gang have plugged the country’s supposedly flamboyant football. Green saw it coming hence he honourably did not declined to seek re election into the current NFF executive committee.

The other day I read that this same crook executive committee mandated its highly compromised technical committee to recommend names of technical advisers to be screened for employed to handle the Super Eagles for the future.

I read and laughed heartedly and dismissed it as yet another mere statement from hypocrites all. I quickly asked to none which serious minded fellow would take Amaju and his crooks bed fellows serious? These are deadly gangsters that talks from both sides of their mouths. In short, often talk on drop of a hat.

Who will this present NFF executive committee led by Amaju Pinnick deceive this time? He hand picked the current technical committee and they have been doing his bidding all these while.  This is a regime that gives with one hand and takes it away with the other.

That is the drama that is ongoing presently. Nigeria is a country where intrigues and ironies rule the day. Once you are able to manipulate and succeed, you become instant hero. People come around and hero worships you and praises you to high heavens. That is Nigeria we are presently.

To be honest with you so many nonsense have taken the centre stage since the Super Eagles was booted out of the AFCON held in Cameroon and finally Qatar 2022 World Cup qualification.  I read also where Sports Minister, Sunday Dare was quoted to have emphatically said that he cannot force NFF to employ indigenous technical adviser……pity!

Such lame duck statement from a country’s Sports Minister leaves lasting soured taste in the mouth. Dare has performed abysmally since he was posted to oversee this sensitive Ministry. He has shown he’s a non performer of the worst order too. He has rather made lots of money to solidly finance/oil his gubernatorial ambition in Oyo State this term. The way Nigeria is.

 The most significant or of note is the fact that everyone that were instrumental to the failure of the Super Eagles to qualify for this year’s World Cup in United Arab Emirates (UAE) are now coming out to distant themselves from the mess. Keen followers of NFF and her cohorts showed such individuals and bodies are just saving their faces. We are aware

Again as that was not enough, Amaju Pinnick in order to divert attention came out to fool himself that he is not coming on board for third term in office in the apex football governoring body in the land. I was in an all editors meeting in office when my attention was drawn to that such fallacy from that Warri boy who happens to be my good and loyal family man who loved his home most.

My first reaction was who does this man think he is fooling? Does he know that Nigerians are not aware of the fast one he is playing? Who wants him to head NFF again after this poor showing? I concluded that if he wants to be seen as hero the best option for him would have been to throw in the towel before his term expires; there and then those that would hail him will sing his praises unabated.

All what Pinnick said as reasons why he will not seek third term in office were all immaterial and absolutely unnecessary to the civilized? What else does one expect from him a drowning man? As I concluded likewise above even to the hearing of my Editor-In –Chief who actually came from his wife’s town somewhere in Abia State?

That is Nigeria we are now failures oftentimes disturbing our ears with such their silly ways of talks/ statements. As if that was not enough, he was quoted to have insinuated that NFF job is thankless. I quickly said if it was such a thankless job why did he hung on till now or does he think he was talking to people that does not know they have ruined Nigerian football and the present workings of NFF, CAF and FIFA.

 No thanklessness in this jobs any longer if there was a time it was. Amaju Pinnick rather ridiculed himself the more with such talking before thinking stuff. The kind of football governoring body Nigeria needs now is the one the occupants must have more of fresh ideas filled and flexible body. Never this kind of high handed present set up that is even vindictive, despotic if you like. Who asked him about third time bid? What did he forget there? Who sent him for this job in the first place? I rounded off by telling him to keep quiet, go home and enjoy his huge loot.

This is the time for the ex-internationals to come up and vie for the executive committee positions than bringing back this failed set of people that have held our football hostage like their Nigerian politicians and retired ex-Military Generals who have ruined the entire country.

No jokes, there is urgent need for a change of baton. All these people must be swept away clean and out totally. Let them go home with their enormous loot. They have like their counterparts in murky Nigerian politics stole and reduced our football to nothingness. It is time for ex-internationals that are very knowledgeable to fix their eyes now on football administration rather than coaching. We cannot continue this way.

Nigeria has lots of them that ought to be calling the shots instead of these fools that are hell bent in looting and dragging our football down to the mud. Our ex-internationals must take the kind of step Samuel Eto Fills took hence he is today head of Cameroon’s Football Federation with ex-international, Rogbert Song as the head of their country’s national team side, the Indomitable Lions. He qualified them to Qatar 2022 World Cup summit. What a pair and great lesson in character too from the duo.

Amaju Pinnick and his gangster have ruined and taken Nigerian football many steps backwards only for him to turn around to be playing on our collective intelligence. What other slap is worst than this.

All of them from Shehu Dikko, Felix Anyansi Agwu, Seyi Akinwumi, Aisha Falaode etc must not be allowed back to the saddle at the Abuja headquarters of the NFF after this term because they have nothing, absolutely nothing new or refreshing to offer our football management and administration rather any of them will continue the no direction pattern they have entrenched with Amaju Pinnick into our football since he became NFF head.

Yes they have deep pockets for the elections but there must be collective will to block these crooks. Never again!

We will keep our ears on ground as usual and endeavour to bring you update on this burning national issue at  Keep shooting hard till next week as the struggle continues!! 


Source By Victor Enyinnaya

Posted on April, 11 2022

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Amaju’s Unguarded Utterances, Arrogance, Ex-Internationals Must Head, Elected...

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